Why use video?

  • Video is the most effective way to connect with your website visitors.
  • Video makes your site more personable and interesting.
  • Video strengthens your brand.

Use video for:

  • Product or service promotion.
  • Product or service demonstration.
  • Promote special sales events.
  • Store or office tours.
  • Establish credibility.
  • Personal introduction.
  • Customer testimonials

Ways to share video:

  • Feature video on your website.
  • Link to videos in email marketing campaigns.
  • Link to videos from your Facebook Profile or Business Page.
  • Place videos directly in your Facebook posts.
  • Embed a short video in a PDF ebook.
  • QR codes can be pointed to videos (for smartphones)
  • Put QR codes on business cards and point to videos.
  • Printed promotional materials (fliers, brochures, books) can have links or QR codes pointing to videos.